FilOutlet, helping you with your balikbayan boxes.

We handle and consolidate USA packages into a balikbayan box for delivery right to recipient’s door in the Philippines. Balikbayan box is also known as door-to-door cargo… forwarded to the Philippines via air or sea. Please see our FAQ page to learn more about it. We also sell consumer products directly to our customers.
Ship to PhilippinesWe are here to help you if there is no balikbayan box shipper near you,  away from home, an expat in the Philippines, don’t have a cousin in USA who can send to you (we are your virtual cousin), or simply just too busy to deal with balikbayan boxes.
Shop at any USA online store such as Amazon, eBay and FilOutlet from anywhere in the world. We forward it all to you or your loved one in the Philippines.

How it works…
1. Buy a box from us. You get your very own USA mailing address.
2. Shop at any USA online store with purchases delivered to your own USA address
3. We ship your box to Philippines using a Balikbayan Box courier via air or sea.
4. The box arrive at recipient’s door.

Box Rates (includes shipping to the Philippines):

Via Sea (30-40 days)
Box (inch) Luzon Island  / Other
Medium (24x12x12) $105 $115
Large (24x18x18) $125 $135
Via Air (7-10 days)
Box (inch) Luzon Island   / Other  Max Wt (lb/kg)
Small (7x7x7) $85 $95 6/2.7
Medium (12x12x12) $150 $160 11/5
Large (24x12x12) $245 $255 21/9.5
X-Large (24x18x18) $290 $300 50/22.6
There are no weight limits for sea cargos
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