Tax Schedule

Personal effects that have been used by or obtained by shipper while living abroad and that have been in use for at least 6 months are acceptable for importation and may qualify for duty and tax exemption depending on the importers status and residency.

Personal effects are subject to physical examination by Philippine Customs.  There are no value limitations on the goods being imported but duties and taxes may be  assessed if the amount of goods presented as personal effects is excessive.

In addition, electronic items or appliances are considered taxable.  In order to simplify our process in calculating additional taxes, please see the Electronic/Appliance Price Schedule as your guide.

Special Handling Item Handling Fees
Regular TV
TV 20″ or Below USD 46
TV 24″ to 27″ USD 46
TV 28″ to 32″ USD 69
TV 30″ to 46″ USD 140
20″ to 21″ USD 140
25″ USD 230
29″ USD 262
30″ to 46″ USD 315
Microwave USD 24
Blu-Ray USD 22
Printer USD 24
Fax Machine USD 24
Stereo (Mini Comp) USD 35
A/C USD 35
Computer-CPU/Monitor/Kb/Mouse USD 69
Computer CPU only w/Mouse/Keyboard USD 24
Camera USD 15
Cellphone USD 13
SmartPhone USD 35
Home Theater USD 36
Laptop/Notebook/IPad/Tablet USD 46
LCD Monitor USD 46
2 Way Radio USD 15
Game Consoles (SONY/XBOX/Nintendo) USD 32
Handhelds (PSP/Nintendo DS) USD 17
Digital SLR Camera USD 32
* Other items not listed above which will be considered as electronic items will  be charged 40%-200% tax based on the invoice price.
* Electronic items or appliances are shipped at owner’s risk. FilOutlet nor our shipper does not  assume liability for damages incurred in shipping these items.

Commercial Quantity – We cannot ship any items of the same  kind in commercial quantities.  Quantity of the same kind greater than 12 is considered commercial quantity.