What is Balikbayan Box?
A balikbayan box (Filipino luggage) is an ubiquitous corrugated box containing any number of small items and sent by an overseas Filipino known as a “balikbayan”. Though often shipped by freight forwarders specializing in balikbayan boxes by sea, such boxes can be brought by Filipinos returning to the Philippines by air.
See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Balikbayan_box

I’m looking for a Balikbayan Box courier, do you have a branch office where I live?
No, unless you’re in San Diego California. We are not your traditional Balikbayan Box service provider where you can physically drop-off boxes. We cater to people who do not have access to a physical balikbayan box provider. If the goods you want to send are in your possesion, you may ship them to us via your local post office, UPS, Fedex, etc. and then we’ll forward them to the Philippines.

How does package forwarding work?
First, you get a US address from us. You can use your new US address to shop online at any US store. You’ll automatically receive a notification by e-mail when your packages arrive at FilOutlet. When you’re ready, you can ship your packages to the Philippines.

Why do I need package forwarding?
If you currently do not have a U.S. presence, you probably find it very difficult to purchase many items that are available only in the U.S. You can pay for them using PayPal or Visa/Master card, but the seller might require a U.S. address for shipping. We solve your problem by providing you with a U.S. address. Once you make a purchase with this address, we will receive the package on behalf of you and forward it to you in the Philippines.
With package forwarding, you can follow your favorite USA product trends, hunt for bargains and connect with the brands you love. You can shop in the USA, from anywhere in the world!

Can I make a purchase from outside the U.S.?
Yes. You may purchase from any country including USA and the Philippines.

Where can I shop?
We sell many products here at FilOutlet for shipment to the Philippines or you may shop at any USA online store such as
We highly recommend Walmart.com due to their no-hassle return policy, low price, and us being able to visit a physical Walmart store to return/exchange items. We don’t charge customers who need to return items to Walmart. Here’s the link to Walmart’s return policy: http://help.walmart.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/9/~/return-policy

What is the exchange rate from US Dollar to Peso?
We use Paypal’s exchange rate for Paypal payments. See Paypal’s rate calculator at
Please note that Paypal account is required to use their calculator. If you don’t have a Paypal account, send us an e-mail and we’ll check the rate for you.

What is the exchange rate from Peso to US Dollar?
We use Bank of Philippine Island’s selling exchange rate for Philippine bank deposits. See BPI’s prevailing Selling Rate at

Can I order over the phone?
No. To save operating cost, we don’t take phone orders at this time. Please feel free to call us anytime with any questions.

Do you charge a monthly membership fee?
No. We don’t charge membership fees nor any recurring fees.

Is shipping included with the box?
Yes. Shipping from our door in the US to your door in the Philippines is included.

How much time do I have to fill-up and ship my Balikbayan Box?
We provide 180 days of free storage from the time you purchased your first box item. You have 6 (six)months to fill-up your box. There’s a storage fee of $5 per month after the 180th day. Abandoned/unshipped box after 12 months will be disposed of as deemed necessary.

Are you the shipper?
No, we are not the shipper. We receive, pack, and forward packages then ship through a Balikbayan Box courier such as  XYZ, LBC, and Atlas to the Philippines. We only use big, reputable, and reliable couriers and we take care of your packages as if they’re our own. If yout trust LBC (http://www.lbcexpress.com/), then you can trust us. With us, you know your package is safe and will arrive on time.

How do I track my shipment?
Upon shipment of your box, you will receive an e-mail notification with a tracking number and a website link to an online tracking system. You can track by phone, online, e-mail or Facebook.

How do I register on your site?
You will be asked to register when you purchase your first item from us. Registration is not necessary to browse our products and services.

How and when do I get my USA mailing address?
You will receive your USA address when you purchase your first Balikbayan Box.

Can I buy insurance for a shipment?
All shipments via our couriers are insured with a declared value of up to $100 via sea and $50 via air. If the declared value is more than $100, you may request additional insurance. Additional insurance charges are $6 for every additional $100. Maximum insurance is $500 per box. Please be advised that the insurance amount should be same as the total declared value.

Do I have to pay customs tax?
Balikbayan box is for shipping personal (non-commercial) goods only and is not taxable with some exceptions.  Philippine customs may impose customs duty if they inspect your box and feel that your items are intended for resale. Electronic items and appliances are taxable. The recipient is responsible for paying customs duties. Please check our shipper’s tax schedule here .

What items are prohibited?
Click here .

Is there a limit on the number of items I can ship?
Yes. More than 12 of the same item irregardless of color, flavor, size, etc. is considered commercial quantity and therefore not allowed in Balikbayan box shipment. We can only ship a maximum of 2 boxes with same recipient at any given time. If you need, for example, 10 boxes shipped to you, you cannot ship all 10 boxes at the same time but will have to ship 2 at a time in 5 shipments. .

What is acceptable mode of payment?
Visa, Master Card, American Express, and PayPal.
We can accept payment by credit card through Paypal. You don’t need a Paypal account to pay using Visa, master Card or American Express through PayPal.

What is Paypal?
It is a safer , easier way to pay for the things you love. Paypal offers a secure method to send money from your credit card, bank account, or stored online credit, without telling us or online shops your credit card numbers. FilOutlet.com staff will not ask you for your full credit card numbers or Paypal login details. Please do not give this information to anyone and do not click on links inside emails purporting to be from Paypal.

I don’t have a PayPal account. What are the requirements to get one?
An e-mail address and… That’s pretty much it !  Just go to http://www.paypal.com and sign-up for an account.  Click here to learn how to open a PayPal account.
Also, you’ll somehow need to able to fund your PayPal to purchase products online. A common way is to link UnionBank’s EON CyberAccount debit card with your Paypal account. If you don’t have an EON card, please visit your local Union Bank of the Philippines office and open an EON CyberAccount with them. Click here to learn how to open a UnionBank EON account. Other debit cards that work with Paypal are RCBC myWallet and BPI My ePrepaid.

I don’t have a credit card, where can I get a card that will work in the United States?
You may obtain a US Dollar prepaid debit card from PNB.
Your other option is to purchase a store gift card. You may purchase an e-gift card from http://gyft.com/ or https://www.egifter.com/. Gyft and eGifter accept Bitcoin as a form of payment.

Is it safe to use my credit card on your website?
Yes. You can pay with your credit card through PayPal. PayPal will process your credit card payment in secured environment. To learn more, please visit PayPal at http://www.paypal.com.

The online store I’d like to buy from is not accepting my credit card. What can I do?
Check if they accept PayPal and use that instead. Another option is to call your credit card company and have them add your FilOutlet USA address to your credit card account. Please do not send your credit card statements to your FilOutlet USA address.

Your other option is to purchase a store gift card. You may purchase an e-gift card from http://gyft.com/ or https://www.egifter.com/.

The online store I’d like to buy from is not accepting my PayPal due to unconfirmed shipping address. How do I confirm my shipping address?
Add your FilOutlet USA address on your PayPal account and confirm that address by following the instructions here.
Note: Some merchants allow unconfirmed shipping address and some don’t depending on their business policy. Try to find a merchant that works for you.

Can you e-mail me a photo of the item I purchased?  Is there a charge for this?
Upon request, we can take pictures and send them to you by e-mail for free. We can take pictures of your box so you can see your box’ packing progress. We will notify you by e-mail when your box is half-full, almost full, and full.

What other free services comes with buying a Balikbayan Box?
We provide the following services free of charge upon customer’s request: item inspection, removal of packaging, removal of price tags or certain tags, test of battery-operated items using our battery (AA, AAA, C, D types), working condition test of electronic items, and other simple packaging & handling requests (materials not included).

What other services do you provide?
For a nominal fee of $40, we can shop at a physical store for you. We can also buy online for you if you’re having trouble using your non-US credit card. If you have any other special needs that’s not covered here, please don’t hesitate to let us know. Consider us as your new connection in the US and we’re always here willing to help you.

I have a new business idea and/or would like to partner with you…
Sure, we’re always open to new ideas. Please let us know what’s in your mind.

I have a question…
Please  visit our Contact page or send inquiries to info@filoutlet.com .