How to Open a UnionBank EON Bank Account Card

UnionBank EON Card is very useful for offline and online transactions. This has the same capability of a credit card. But EON Card has more advantages than the credit card. EON Card ( or EON Debit Card) has minimal fees. You can open an EON Debit Card Account for only 350 pesos. 350 pesos is its annual fee for the bank. You can initially deposit any amount for as little as 100 pesos. It has less documents required for opening the account. The documents required to open an EON Debit Card are listed below. You can use EON Debit Card to purchase in any Unionbank affiliated stores such as SM, Robinsons, Ayala and many other major stores in the Philippines. You can also use this card to purchase products or services in the internet – “online shopping”. Online shoppers and online entrepreneurs are using this card to purchase anything in the internet. Like me, I use this card when I purchased products in Ebay, Amazon or any other e-commerce websites. I also use EON Debit Card to purchase domain and hosting for my websites.

This is the front picture of Unionbank EON Debit Card:

EON Card





Opening an EON Bank account debit card in the Philippines is easy and simple. Here are the steps and requirements in opening an EON Cyber Account Debit Card in Unionbank.

To apply for an EON Card you must:

1. Go personally to your nearest UnionBank branch.
2. Submit a fully accomplished EON Cyber Account Application form. This form will be provided by the bank.
3. Present at least two (2) valid ID’s. These are the requirements you should keep in mind and bring before going to the bank. Please see list below.
• Passport
• Current Driver’s License
• Permit to Carry Firearms
• New Social Security System (SSS) card
• Government Services Insurance System (GSIS) eCard
• Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) ID
• New Tax Identification Number (TIN) Card
• Postal ID
• National Statistics Office (NSO) authenticated Birth Certificate
• NSO authenticated Marriage Certificate
• Original & unexpired National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Clearance
• Police Clearance
• Digitized Voter’s ID
• Philhealth card
• Office of Senior Citizen Affairs (OSCA) / Senior Citizen card
• ACR Identity Card (I-Card)
• Consular ID
• Barangay certification
• Philippine Overseas Employment Association (POEA) / Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) Card
• Seaman’s Book
• Government office ID (e.g., Armed Forces of the Philippines, Home Development Mutual Fund [HDMF] IDs)
• Certification from the National Council for the Welfare of Disabled Persons (NCWDP)
• Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Certification
• PRA Special Resident Retiree Visa (SRRV) ID
• School ID
• Other valid IDs issued by the Government and its instrumentalities

4. Submit a photocopy of the two (2) valid IDs you will present. Please note that the branch may require other documents and information such as your Tax Identification Number (TIN) and SSS Number so please have this ready.

5. Pay P350 for your first year annual fee.

6. Bring your initial deposit (not required but recommended) so that you can start using your EON account. For me, I initially deposited 300 pesos.

You’ll be told by the bank to fill up an application form. And pass the necessary requirements.

You can claim or get your EON Debit Card after 1 week. When you already receive your card, register it in the Unionbank EON Cyber Account Website after 2 days. After registering and logging in to their website, you can see your amount deposited there.

Before you can do online transactions (online banking), it’s very important and it’s required to link your EON Cyber Account Debit Card to Paypal. Paypal lets you pay online transactions worldwide. Here is the video tutorial on how to do that: Click here. When your EON Cyber Account Debit Card is already linked to Paypal, you can now use your EON in paying online transactions.

What are you waiting for? You should apply for an EON Debit Card now! For faster, easier and more convenient way of shopping and transacting business online, EON Debit Card is a must.