Prohibited Items

Prohibited Items
• goods of commercial quantities (more than 12 of same kind)
• luxury goods including designer purses/bag (including Coach, MK, Kate Spade, etc.)
• iPad (frequently stolen item)
• any type of battery is not allowed via air (cell batteries are allowed via sea)
• aerosols/pressurized containers
• hair coloring solution and perfume (flammable)
• some products made of animal skin (fur), endangered animal
• currencies
• checks
• money orders
• travelers checks
• jewelries including fashion jewelries
• watches including fashion watches
• precious metal
• precious gems
• firearms and parts
• toy guns and parts
• ammunition
• reloaders
• explosives
• medicine and drugs
• hard liquor (alcohol)
• all prohibited substances in USA and the Philippines
• lewd, obscene and pornographic materials
• all counterfeit, fake and pirated products or media
• perishables
• gambling cards
• vehicle parts. Car, motorcycle, boat parts including car radios
• US military issued items (scopes, armors, MRE’s, etc.)
• protected technologies (scopes, armors, etc.)
• antiques
• liquid in fragile unprotected container
• anything of very high value and/or irreplaceable personal effects 

Acetal Flammable Gas Flammable
Acetic Acid Corrosive Hydrogen Flammable Gas
Acetone Flammable Liquid Ink Flammable
Acetylene Flammable Gas Isoprophyl Flammable
Acridine Flammable Solid Isoprophyl Flammable
Acrylic Acid Flammable & Corrosive Lead Arsenites Poisonous
Adhesive Flammable Lighter fluids Flammable
Aerosols Flammable Gas Liquified fluid Flammable
Alcohol Flammable Lithium Dangerous when Wet & Flammable
Alkali Dangerous when Wet Lithium batteries Flammable
Aluminum alkyl haides Flammable Magnesium Flammable
Barium azide Flammable Solid & Poisonous Manganese Flammable
Batteries (wet cell) Corrosive Matches Flammable
Battery fluid Corrosive Methane Flammable
Benzene Flammable Fluid Mercury Corrosive
Black powder (gun powder) Explosive Motor Spirits Flammable
Brake fluid Flammable Napthalene Flammable
Butane Flammable Nicotine (compound or prap) Poisonous
Calcium or calcium alloy Dangerous when Wet Nitiric Acid Corrosive & Poisonous
Camphor Flammable Octane Flammable
Chargese (propellants) Flammable Organic pesticides Poisonous
Chlorine Flammable Oxygen (liquified) Combustible
Chloroform Poisonous Paints Flammable
Coal Flammable Perfumery Products with flammable solvents Flammable
Coal tar Flammable Petroleum oil or base Flammable
Cyanide Poisonous Pine oil Flammable
Decaborance Flammable Solid & Poisonous Phosporous liquids Flammable
Detonators Explosive Potassium Poisonous
De-icing fluids Flammable Primers Dangerous when wet
Deithylamine Flammable Liquid Projectiles Explosive
Disenfectants Poisonous Propane Explosive
Dyes Corrosive Radioactive substances Flammable
Expoxy Flammable Resin oil Poisonous
Ethyl acetate Ethyl Acetate Sodium chlorite Flammable
Ethyl Menthyl ether Flammable & Poisonous Sulphur (molten) Posion oxidizer
Ferric arsenate Poisonous Tear gas Poisonous
Fire extinguisher Corrosive & Pressurized Turpentine Flammable
Fireworks Flammable & Explosives Urea Flammable & Poisonous
Flares Flammable Vernish Flammable
Formaldebyde Flammable Liquid Vinyl Chloride Flammable
Zirconium powder Spontaneously combustible